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aving founded Clinical Dynamics, Inc. in the mid-1990’s, the principals of AdapCS were part of the team that developed an online clinical outcomes reporting tool. This product was named DYNAMO ("Dynamic Analysis of Measured Outcomes"), and through a series of corporate acquisitions came under the ownership of GE Medical Systems. GE contracted with AdapCS to modify DYNAMO for use in the Canadian healthcare market. As a result of that effort and in cooperation with GE, AdpaCS is now marketing its own clinical outcomes product, Inform.Rx, in the Province of Ontario. This product has been brought to market by AdapCS Canada, a partially owned subsidiary of AdapCS, Inc. based in Kingston, Ontario.

Inform.Rx is an online clinical data warehousing product that reports on publicly available hospital discharge and finance data as well as data received directly from participating hospitals. Reports produced by Inform.Rx are used by hospital personnel to improve the quality of care within the restraints imposed by increasingly limited healthcare resources.

For more information regarding Inform.Rx and other AdapCS Canada products, please visit the AdapCS Canada website at www.adapcscanada.com.