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About Us > Intellectual Property Portfolio

echnology and delivery methods in healthcare are frequently the subject of patents granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Included in the AdapCS intellectual property portfolio are such technologies for which patents have been granted or are pending, or for which patent applications are in preparation . Technology within this portfolio is either owned, exclusively licensed, or managed by AdapCS, Inc. and its affiliates.

The current AdapCS intellectual property portfolio includes technology in the following areas:

  • Clinical severity adjustment: Continuum-based analytics
  • Clinical severity adjustment: Encounter-based analytics
  • Drug distribution analytics: stocking algorithms
  • Drug distribution analytics: drug diversion detection algorithms
  • Glucose monitoring technology
  • Hardware-based predictive analytics
  • Healthcare workload and workflow analysis
  • Patient management tools: Wait list management
  • Pharmacy-driven clinical performance and outcome indicators
  • Privacy methods in the management of electronic healthcare information
  • Software-based predictive analytics: an automated modeling building system
  • Screen saver function and design