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dapCS, Inc. is based in Moss Landing, California and is a privately held healthcare technology company. AdapCS is dedicated to improving healthcare delivery with innovative technology. We have extensive experience in business development based on healthcare information technology and medical devices. We have a special interest in early-phase startups or companies in search of turn-around opportunities. Our business development projects frequently target facilitating the transition of academic research to practical applications in healthcare.

AdapCS provides products and services in the areas of software development, healthcare information technology, corporate development, and business management. Recent projects have included product development , management services and consulting in the areas of healthcare software, glucose monitoring , pharmaceutical management, hospital operations, and health insurance. Some of these have been packaged in business entities that provide equity-based opportunity for our partners: investors, researchers, strategic allies, and staff.

In the area of healthcare informatics and decision support tools, we produce descriptive analytics and predictive knowledge engines for clinical leadership, hospital management and managed care plans.

In the area of healthcare technology, we work with academia and industry to integrate recent advances in science into practical applications in community healthcare. AdapCS participates in the process of developing medical device and/or software products based on unique patentable technology. Such products frequently integrate proprietary analytical informatics from AdapCS.

We create and manage discrete business entities around some of these products. Our business ventures are reality-based and value-driven from drawing board to bed side. We focus on real technology that is able to bring real value to real people. A no-nonsense, content-based management style means success for our partners and improved lives for the people of the communities we serve.